composer & sound designer

Chris Kohler

As a dedicated composer and sound designer for games 
I help game developers bring their ideas to life.

game music

Orchestral Opening Theme
Main Theme from The Arcane History Channel


Epic Fantasy Orchestral
Main Theme from Esroniet: Domain of Lost Unity


Sad Piano & Strings
Main Theme from Osore

Hybrid Cinematic Ambience
for a short movie


Adventure Exploration Music
‘Exploring Borders’ from Plant Stranding


8-Bit Battle Theme
Retro Adventure Game


sound design

game audio implementation

In addition to providing music and sound design for your game, I also offer to implement music and sounds directly into your game engine. I usually use middleware software like FMOD or Wwise, because they are cost effective and powerfull tools. Both work well with the popular game engines Unity, Unreal and Godot.

Hello, I’m Chris Kohler, a freelance game composer & sound designer from Munich, Germany. My passion lies in helping game developers bring their unique visions to life.

With years of professional experience in music composition and production, I’ve collaborated with clients worldwide. Whether crafting captivating melodies or orchestrating grand symphonic music, my commitment to professionalism guarantees the highest level of quality for your project.

projects (selection)

Everything Game Audio

Whether you’re in need of music, sound design, audio implementation or all of the above – I offer a complete game audio solution.
Let’s talk about what your project requires!