Custom Music

Get fully produced music – tailored exactly to your wishes. Whether you want an epic orchestral soundtrack or retro-style chiptune music, I can provide you with an wide pallete of genres and sounds. Have something else in mind? Contact me!

Most games have looped music, some use music layers which change with certain in-game events happening. We can discuss what kind of music suits your game the most. 

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Sound Design

I will create sound effects (sfx) for your game. These may range from such things as footsteps and explosions to whole sound athmospheres like the background noises of a forrest.


I can implement my music directly into your game using middleware (currently for Unity only).


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Don’t hesitate to contact me with any further questions.

Plain and simple: to make your game stand out and be unique. Having a composer & sound designer on board who offer you their experience will bring so much value to your game.

It will be a blast. No seriously, I’m a nice guy and I will do my best to make music you are happy with. After all, I want to help you create the best player experience possible. Reliability is very important for me, so you can count on that too.

This really depens on the game genre. I’d be glad to discuss this with you. Just shoot me and email or a message via my contact form.

Generally speaking, most modern games have a orchestral soundtrack with electronic elements mixed in, because this offers so many possibilities and has proven to be the most effective musical tool. However, if you’re going for a retro-feel, typical 8 or 16-bit chiptune sounds will serve you well.

In games as well as in film music is there to convey emotions. This will naturally help your game tell its story. The music will support the visuals to set the mood of a scene or level and will make it easier to appeal to the player. Without it your game might feel dry. Even if we don’t actively listen to a game’s music, we will always perceive it on a subconscious level.